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14th TPW (2016) - Welcome

The 14th UK Technological Plasma Workshop will be held in Coventry alongside the Vacuum Symposium at the Vacuum Expo at the Ricoh Arena, on October 12th and 13th  2016.

The scope of the workshop includes all areas of technological plasma science, and this year part of the workshop will be focussed on Plasmas for environmental applications.

Invited speakers representing different areas within this theme are:


  • Prof. C. Tizaoui

    Swansea University

    Advanced Oxidation Processes for efficient water treatment.


  • Prof. W. Balachandran

    Brunel University

    Non-thermal plasma for pollution control.


  • Dr. X. Tu

    University of Liverpool

    Plasma-catalysis: a promising solution for gas clean-up and fuel/chemical synthesis.






Registration deadline:
Wednesday 5th October 2016