UK Technological Plasma Workshop

The 17th UK Technological Plasma Workshop will be held in Coventry alongside the Vacuum Symposium at the Vacuum Expo at the Ricoh Arena, on October 9th and 10th 2019.

The Technological Plasma Workshop (TPW) is a UK-based forum in the science and technology of plasmas and gas discharges and delegates from all countries are very welcome to participate.

Since the EPSRC Technological Plasma Initiative in 1997, technological plasmas have found new applications in diverse fields ranging from nano-science, through biomedicine and environment, to space exploration. Collaboration between academic and industrial communities is now the norm and there are new and exciting career prospects for younger scientists and engineers.

To support a full realisation of these opportunities, TPW aims to foster academic-industry collaboration and to engage young plasma scientists with a scientific programme anchored by leading plasma scientists. Running this meeting beside an Industrial exhibition and with other scientific meetings in the Vacuum Symposium is exciting for delegates and presents an excellent synergy.

In 2011, the TPW became a conference sponsored by the Institute of Physics Plasma (IOP) Physics Group and has been held in conjunction with the Vacuum Expo and the Vacuum Symposium since 2014. Since 2016, the IOP Dielectrics and Electrostatics Group has also co-sponsored the event.

The scope of the workshop includes all areas of technological plasmas.


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